Billing FAQs

Does SWA offer automatic bill pay?

Yes! The Southwest Water Authority offers an Automatic Payment Plan. You can have your payment made automatically from your checking or savings account. There is no check to write, no payment to mail, no more late charges, no more forgetting to pay and Automatic Payment Plan is FREE! This may also be convenient for people who leave for the winter months or long periods of time.


How does the automatic payment plan work?

The Automatic Payment Plan lets your financial institution do all the work. Each month the amount due on your Southwest Water Authority bill is automatically deducted from your designated bank account on the 20th of the month. The proof of payment will appear on your monthly bank statement. It will still be important that you call the Southwest Water Authority with your meter reading monthly or send it in.


How do I sign up for the automatic payment plan?

It is very simple to sign up. Complete the Authorization Form and return it to the Southwest Water Authority. Please attach a blank check marked “VOID”.  This will be used to record the bank information necessary to process the payments. You can designate a checking or savings account. Make sure the signatures match bank records.


How long does it take for automatic payment plan to go into effect?

The Automatic Payment Plan will usually take one month to implement. A note indicating this will appear on your water billing statement. Please continue to pay your bill as usual until you see this confirmation note on your water bill.


Does SWA take credit cards?

Yes, we now take credit cards with a nominal service fee per transaction. You will want to set up an account should you chose to be able pay online.