General FAQs

How is the Southwest Water Authority governed?

The Southwest Water Authority is governed by an elected 15-member board of directors representing the following communities: Adams County, Billings County, Bowman County, Dunn County, Golden Valley County, Grant County, Hettinger County, Mercer County, Morton County, Oliver County, Slope County, Stark County, City of Dickinson (2 members), and City of Mandan.


How can I contact my SWA board member representative?

You can click here for a listing of all board members and their email address.


Are your Board Meetings open to the public?

Yes. The public is always welcome to attend any of our regularly scheduled meetings, which are generally held on the first Monday of each month. If you are interested in attending or would like to request agenda details, please contact us for information on the meeting time and location.


What are SWA’s Rules & Regulations?

The current version of the Rules & Regulations can be viewed by clicking here.