Signup Campaign

Burt and Hebron Service Area, including Lake Tschida

If your property is located within these boundaries, NOW is the time to sign-up for water.


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As a part of Southwest Water Authority’s (SWA) strategic approach for staying on mission, we continue to canvas targeted service areas for potential connections to our award-winning, quality water. It means continuing to review expansion into under-served areas.

Currently, an initial sign-up campaign is underway in the Hebron and Burt Service Area, including Lake Tschida. This canvas area spans all of Grant County and portions of Adams, Hettinger, Stark and Morton Counties.

If you are located within the boundaries of the canvas area, please let us know your interest. The more locations we have, the more cost effective the project will be and the sooner we can move into the design and development phase. Availability of water contributes to the quality of life of the region, ensures families and livestock producers will have an adequate supply during drought conditions, and increases property values.

Sign up now. If you are interested in water service within this service area and would like a sign-up packet or have questions about signing up, please contact our office at 1-888-425-0241 or 701-225-0241. Then tell your neighbors to sign up too!

Together, let’s make SWA’s award-winning quality water a reality for southwest North Dakota.   

We Are Not Done….Because Quality Water is Essential!


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