My neighbor was paid for an easement for the Southwest Pipeline Project (SWPP), why are you asking for a donated easement?

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Main transmission lines are the source of the distribution system and provide water to the cities; the State Water commission (SWC) pays for easements for main transmission lines. Without main transmission lines, rural lines would not be possible. The SWPP has a set maximum amount that can be spent to provide service to a single customer, otherwise known as the cost per Estimated Service Unit (ESU). Because the cost to deliver water to the customer is regulated, paying for easements would increase the cost per ESU and many customers would not receive service. Therefore, it is essential that donated easements for the rural area are obtained to provide maximum coverage within the cost limitations. Landowners who have provided the SWPP with a donated easement are eligible to receive a reduction in hookup fees on any rural water hookup provided that the easement obtained provided service to other customers. In not paying for easements, the SWPP continues the tradition of more than 22 rural water systems now operating in North Dakota who do not pay for easements.