What is required for installation of rural water service?

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For your protection, the plumbing code requires an expansion tank be installed. The State Plumbing Board requires a minimum of 160 psi pipe on new lines installed to meet their requirements. The State Plumbing board does allow you to use your existing lines even though they may be rated at something less than 160 psi, however, you are cautioned that your old lines may not be able to handle our pressure which may be as high as 120 psi. This is especially important for those who chose a curb stop installation. Should our line pressure exceed 80 psi, it is recommended that you replace your existing lines if they are not rated for at least 160 psi. Your plumber should be able to assist you in making this determination. It is much less concerning for those who chose meter pit installations because the pressure reducing valve reduces pressure to 45 psi. Should you choose to tie into your existing water lines, please note that you did so on your verification form. Also, please note the pressure rating of your existing lines if known.