Thank an Operator comments

Name: Deb

Operator’s Name: NA

Comment: Thanks for cleaning out all the tall grass around the curb stop by our yard. It looks great!!

Name: Melanie

Operator’s Name: All of them

Comment: Our water operators are truly on the frontline 24/7 and for that I am grateful! So, thank you operators!

Name: Jane

Comment: Operators are not thanked enough! They are available and working 24/7 to keep the water flowing for all of us! Thank you for all you do.

Name: Mary

Operator’s Name: All of them!

Comment: SWA’s operators do an amazing job keeping the water flowing throughout the SWPP! Thank you one and all for all you do! All I have to do is turn on the tap and then I have some of the best-tasting, award-winning, quality water available anywhere in the world each and every time! You are amazing! Thank you!